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From 15 November 2023: Cooking Courses in Northern Thailand

The cooking course can be held until the end of March 2024

Accommodation at the lodge is all-in for 6 days and the course includes trips in the natural environment. We are not only in the kitchen but also see life in the interior of Thailand.
Day 1 is to get used and oriented a bit after perhaps a long trip.
Day 2, 3, 4 and 5 are for the cooking course itself, this can be given to a maximum of 8 people.
Day 6 is for connecting to your possible onward journey to other destinations.

How does the cooking course work?

The cooking course actually consists of 3 parts. Cooking safari through nature and farmlands in the area, especially for finding, and learning about ingredients, and visiting local markets.
Learning essential basic Thai cooking skills, various cutting techniques and basic sauces, and learning how to wok properly!
Learning to make your 4 or 5 favorite high-level Thai dishes to surprise your friends at home with a real, proper Thai rice table. And of course a good story about the accompanying experiences during the course!

Furthermore, the lodge has 4 double rooms with private shower and toilet.
Well sealed mosquito nets in the windows (no mosquito net needed)
A bar with a now very spacious cooking facility.
A well functioning Wifi hotspot for internet use.
Transportation to and from the city of Phayao, by us by arrangement.
Pick up and or drop off to and from Chiang Rai airport possible by arrangement.

The lodge has its own water source and electricity supply from solar energy and is therefore now completely CO2 neutral.

Send us an e-mail for more information or a booking:
Of course you can also call now on +31626014129 or via WhatsApp.
Via email we provide local recent phone numbers for easier contact.

In the slideshow you can see pictures of the cooking course and the local area.
Meanwhile, the large kitchen is in use and will be used if you come to take a cooking course.

Hope to see you with us in Northern Thailand!